25. března 2019

LONDON  - nVent Electric plc (NYSE:NVT) (“nVent”), a global leader in electrical connection and protection solutions, today announced the launch of its improved nVent RAYCHEM QuickNet heating mat. Combining existing innovations with updated features, the QuickNet mat is designed to shorten installation times and improve ease of use for installers, distributors and end users.

Easier installation
The latest model of the QuickNet heating mat continues to offer quick and easy installation of underfloor heating, now with the addition of an improved adhesive mesh. The enhanced adhesive bonds cables to sub floors more securely, meaning cables do not require additional fixation or become detached and float above sealant layers. The QuickNet self-adhesive net band also allows for quicker installation of underfloor heating in irregularly shaped rooms. With only two cuts to the mesh, cables can be loosened and directed to fit around obstacles. As a result, installers can save valuable time and ensure there are no gaps in floor heating.

A versatile, flexible floor-heating solution
nVent RAYCHEM QuickNet-90W/m² can now be used to provide heat for wood flooring, as well as tiles, parquet, and laminate. The improved QuickNet heating mats are now also compatible with a greater range of thermostats, including the nVent RAYCHEM SENZ thermostat, included with QuickNet-90W/m² kits, and the nVent RAYCHEM SENZ WIFI-enabled thermostat, included in QuickNet-160W/m² kits. All thermostats feature sleek, modern designs, and they are energy efficient and fully compliant with the EU’s ECOdesign directive, providing reassurance for environmentally conscious installers, building owners, and end users.

High-quality look and feel
With a thicker, more durable fibre-glass mesh and a rigid splice solution that provides extra protection for the most fragile parts, QuickNet heating mats provide a high-quality underfloor heating system that offers valuable peace of mind to installers and end users.

In addition, the product now comes in an upgraded packaging format that is more space-efficient. Boxes are matched to the size of the specific kit, resulting in reduced waste and meaning more QuickNet systems can be stored or transported using less space. nVent has also expanded the QuickNet standard installation manual to feature additional content such as updated, easy-to-follow instructions and drawings to help make fitting quicker and easier.

All QuickNet mats additionally feature low smoke, zero halogen LSOH outer jacket heating cables, which comply with European standards for building materials safety.

For further information regarding nVent RAYCHEM QuickNet, please visit: www.raychemfloorheating.co.uk

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